Thursday, December 22, 2011

The Hero Returns

Jacob is back from the hospital now, after having his Cystic Fibrosis cleanout.  It ended up not being quite a full two weeks this time, which was nice.

Jake is growing up.  He’s a few days under 12, now.  During this hospital stay, he started to noticeably engage more in the talk with the staff.  In the recent past, he’s been involved in some opportunities to speak to the nurses, particularly the student nurses, and teach them how to better deal with children patients.  He told them all to talk more directly to him, as the patient, instead of just talking about him with the parents, while he’s in the room.  

I think that, this time around, that this experience has given him a lot more confidence in dealing with the nurses, the techs, and even with the doctors.

For example, when the Cystic Fibrosis pulmonologist was in, and they were talking about just how long to keep him in, he piped up and said that he wanted to do as much of the full cleanout as necessary, because he “didn’t want to have to come back in a few months!”  The decision was made.

A couple of days later, talking with the same doctors, they said he was well, and sounding clear in his lungs, and they asked him if he felt he could go home.  He was excited and said that he definitely wanted to.  They were including him in the decision making process.

He’s a sharp kid.


  1. Mark and Jacob, great to hear...sounds like a very merrry Christmas at the Hansen home this year!! Way to go Jacob!! :)

  2. Wow. It's hard to believe he's 12. And taking more control over his own destiny! I knew there were reasons I'm impressed with your family.