Thursday, February 13, 2014

Support in the Utah State Legislature

The state legislature is in session, and, as always, my life gets really panicky this time of year.  Will they fund the programs that help keep Jacob alive?  It's always touch-and-go.  Jake and I went up last week and testified, and it was great.  Jake did a good job, as always.  We'll be up there again next Thursday.

I just had a chat exchange with our direct representative regarding the funding for special ed in the schools.  It's critical to us that the programs get funded, because that's what makes Jacob's school experiences successful. They have to pay for aides, equipment, occupational and physical therapists and a lot of other things.  Here's our chat exchange:

Me: As an Eagle Mountain resident and a parent of a child with special needs, it's very important to me that the special education programs get funded.  It's often difficult to secure and maintain good in-school aids and assistants when the pay scale is so low, and it's without benefits.  It's important to us that the School Districts get the proper funding to provide good services to our son!  Thanks for all you do!

Rep Lifferth: Were have voted do increase wpu by 2.5% as well as funding all new growth.  There is also a substantial increase in funding for special needs children. Thanks for sharing your concerns. Don't hesitate to do so on any state issue.

Me: Thanks so much for voting so, and for the update!  Nice to have a responsive rep!

Rep Lifferth: That's what I do

So, my hat's off to Representative Lifferth.  It's good to know that things, for the moment, are moving forward.  Now, this is just the appropriations committee.  Their decisions still get fed into the overall Executive Appropriations, and the final budget bill.  It's not final.  Still, It's good to have things working in the early stages, anyway.

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