Sunday, March 2, 2014

The Disabled and The Mission

I read this blog post (now quite dated) with real interest.  My interest is obvious, as I have often wondered what would happen to Jake when the time came for his mission.  

I had assumed that there might be some sort of service mission he could participate in. This says that there might be some kind of hope for the many, many young men and women who have some kind of disability or mental illness.

I’m very excited by some of the things I’m seeing more and more in the organization of the Church.  I’m seeing much more openness and compassion being shown for the disabled. I'm excited because a mission is one of the primary goals of the youth in the Church. From the time we're babies, and through primary and scouts, we're primed to go on our mission.

Now, I realize that a mission is not required for salvation and exaltation. But I also know just how much my mission changed me and helped me grow to maturity. I want as much of that as possible for my boys, and for Jacob in particular. Any way that it can be done or adapted is fine with me!

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